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We decided to drop in on the closing of out local Circuit City store today and see if there were any bargains whatsoever to be had. Paul spotted one: An Olympus Zuikio 40-150 ED lens for $56. That's $200 less than Wolf wants. When we dropped in earlier during the sale, the lens was $250. I can handle a decent piece of glass for 80% off. Twist my arm.

Got it home and all it needed was to have the fingerprints cleaned off. It works great. It's not the best day for shooting outdoors, sadly. It's cloudy and very windy, with similar weather expected for the next few days. This is an unretouched, uncropped photo:


Not bad at all.

The other deal we waffled over was an HD camcorder. It had no cords or manuals, but someone told us their managers would do deals, so Paul took it to the counter to ask. The manager grabbed it and told us it wasn't supposed to be out for sale. We have to wonder if one of the employees will end up with it when all is said and done. Oh, well. We were pretty lukewarm about the camcorder, but it was a little disappointing.

I'm happy with the lens, though.

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3/7/2009 4:19:12 PM
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