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What a week! Every time I've started a journal entry, something else has grabbed my attention. The phone would ring, a MSN Messenger notification would go off, something.

I've accomplished exactly one thing this week, but it was a biggie: I got the desk clean!

Yes, I've been writing and working on other projects, but everything is moving at glacial speed.

Mostly, I'm getting stuff together for the convention.The thing is, I don't travel very far these days. There's no reason other than I haven't had the opportunity to go more than a four or five hour drive away for the last few years. Our family schedule hasn't permitted us to get away for more than a long weekend. I haven't flown in five years or so, certainly before all the TSA regulations and extra fees and the like went into effect. I've had fun (not really) obsessing over what I can carry on and what needs to be checked, proper locks, how to deal with my laptop and camera gear, and so on.

Oh, I'm fully aware of the "pack light and take one carry on" school. I've packed pretty light for four-day trips before, but this event has some additional wardrobe requirements. I'm also taking a large backpack full of camera gear. I'd be a fool to go to that part of the country in the spring and not take advantage of the opportunity to get some great shots.

Ah, well, the last load of laundry is done, so I'd better go fold it and head off to bed. I'm not sleeping terribly well (so what else is new at this age?) and since I'm tired I should heed the call of my body and hit the sack.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you have a great weekend!


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3/13/2009 10:00:54 PM
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