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Round Robin Photo Challenge: This Old Place

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Show us someplace that's been around a long time, preferably 50 years or more.

This one was a bit of a challenge, because I tried to find an old building I hadn't published here before. I think I've found something. This appears to be an unregarded, cracked Victorian-era window:


Ah, but the stories it could tell! This window overlooks the back garden at the present location of 221-B Baker Street in London, home of Sherlock Holmes.

Could this be the garden window he used to escape Moriarty's henchmen in The Final Problem? Probably not, because at some point the entire street was renumbered. The location of 221-B as it would have been in Victorian times is several blocks down the street. It's almost fitting that when we took the walking tour that the building across the street was empty, and to let, as it would have been when Holmes made his return from the Great Hiatus in The Empty House.

Now to be fair, the actual 221 Baker Street is occupied by a bank. This house is next door, and has been turned into a museum.


Still, it's fun to visit and wonder...

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