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Photo Attorney (I just corrected an oversight and added them to my blogroll this morning) has round up of various questionable terms for photo contests. The takeaway here is to ALWAYS read the terms and conditions before you enter a contest or share your work online.

At the end of the article are links to some bloggers who are analyzing the Kindle Blogs agreement. While I'd love to see an attorney's take on this, the bits that people are highlighting frankly make me uneasy. I'd thought about claiming my blogs over there (especially after what happened with TechCrunch), but I think I'm going to take the slow and easy approach.

Along with the potential rights grabs, I'm bothered that Amazon will set the price and only give me 30%. Wait a minute, you say. A publisher hands over 10% or so on book royalties. Yes, but let's see what I get for that money. They do a professional job of editing my book. They format it in a readable fashion and pay to print it. They market it. They distribute it. I do all that work on my own blog, plus I provide a handy RSS feed which allows you to suck the blog down to your reader for (let's see, what am I charging these days? Oh, yeah) nothing. I could do better and provide a mobile version (I'm working on that, actually), but considering the miniscule possibilities this blog presents for monetization (I can't believe I just typed that word) I'd prefer to keep as much for myself as I can - especially since I'm doing all the work.

So don't look for this blog to show up on your Kindle anytime soon.


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5/30/2009 10:41:23 AM
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