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Friday, February 13, 2015

Forgot to post this. Pardon the typos, but I made one of my patent-pending klutzy moves last night, and I'm still waiting on the sodium naproxen to kick in. 

In addition to the programming, I'll have stuff in the Art Show, and I'll also have a table in the Dealers Room. Please stop by and say hi, and if you want to buy stuff, I won't stop you. ;-)

Friday 3 PM, Programming 2 (Madison): For Want of a Nail
Alternate history geeks talk ... you know, alternate history. 
With: Lou Antonelli (M0), Melanie Fletcher, Rie Sheridan Rose.

Saturday 11 AM in the Art Show: Demystifying Wearable Electronics
Lorretta Morgan and I will talk about how to enhance your costumes - or every day wear - with wearable electronics. We'll also show you where to find parts. Bring along your own projects to show or get troubleshooting help.
(Update: I'm told Steve Liptak will be joining us. I'm sure he'll have some awesome stuff to share.)

Sunday 11 AM in the Art Show: Easy Fascinator Fabrication
I'll be showing how to make a buckram base fascinator using items you can find at the craft store. No ordering expensive supplies or hat blocks!

Sunday 2 PM, Programming 3 (Hamilton): Screenplays for Dummies
What it says on the tin.
With: David L. Gray (M), Dan Bernardo, Teresa Patterson, Mary Gearhart-Gray

Sunday, 3 PM in the Art Show: The REAL Mad Hatters
Yes, it's the return of the mad hatters. We'll show you some hats we've made and discuss construction, sourcing, and so on. (Maybe I'll bring the Infamous Three Ferret Hat!)
With: Peggy Dee Haslbauer, Steve Liptak, Dan Bernadro, Lorretta Morgan.

See you this weekend!

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