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The Big July 4th Entry

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Warning, this is a picture-laden post. It may take a few minutes for everything to upload from Flickr. The entire set is here, if you want to take a look at some point.

We go out to a spot near Lake Lavon to shoot fireworks every year. It used to be a guy with a small fireworks stand and a field, but over the years it's grown to two stands (probably different owners) that straddle the road and a couple of large fields. A couple hundred people - at least - were out in our section last night. The volunteer fire department was out patrolling the grounds, too.

The first thing we did was acquire an arsenal of explosive goodies:

Yes, that is the "Exploding Bin Laden Noggin." Because how else should we celebrate our freedom than to blow up a cartoon bad guy? </sarcasm>

Here is said noggin exploding. Exciting stuff. Not.

Exploding Bin Laden Noggin

So how about some real fireworks? Happy to oblige:

July 4, 2009

July 4, 2009

July 4, 2009

July 4, 2009

Here are a pair of composite photos:

July 4, 2009

Moon Walking

The fireworks pattern in the second photo was serendipity. While there was a full moon last night, it was badly overexposed, so I used a moon picture from last year.

About 9:30 or so it got too smoky for us to stay, so we packed up and left. While we fully expected to get caught up in traffic leaving the Plano fireworks show, it was far worse than we expected. The police had blocked off southbound Los Rios (which would have taken us to a mile from the house) and diverted all traffic westbound on Parker north. I won't recount the horrible maze of traffic diversions we had to navigate, but we ended up going almost to Allen just to get back to our east side house. We spent an hour on what should have been a five minute trip. While we sat in traffic last year, it wasn't nearly that bad - or crazy. I can only hope that whoever thought that was a brilliant idea spent an hour idling in the stuff.

Again, if you have any interest in the rest of the set, you can see them here.


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