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Round Robin Photo Challenge: Roots

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This challenge was suggested by Vicki of Maraca:
"Roots. Everyone does gnarled branches, twisty trunks, and pretty flowers, but roots have a lot of character too."
I'd been desperately going through my archives since the camera started acting up. I have one from there and one I shot Friday when the camera decided to behave.


The park down the street from us is dominated by creek that floods whenever we get a lot of rain. This causes erosion and, in turn, exposes roots! This is one of my favorite clumps of exposed roots.

Of course, there is more than one way to define roots, and here's a picture of some of my genealogy notebooks, newly organized onto a shelf in the closet:


The "Dead" in the smallish grey binder refers to "dead ends." Those are the dangling bits that I've found that don't seem to connect properly with any of the lines, but are still interesting. I tracked one trail involving an interesting family legend until I learned it was untrue. I have an ancestor named Bartley who fought in the Revolutionary War. His ancestors were supposed to have been granted the eastern part of New Jersey by Charles II. The father of one of those brothers was Robert Barclay, the noted Apologist. Turns out that was untrue. The Barclay on my line was just this guy. But he fought in the Revolutionary War with Washington, which is pretty interesting in itself.

I keep records of those dead ends in case something crops up to connect the ends or I find that I have information of use to another researcher.

So there you go.

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