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How to Get Rich in Self-Publishing ... Or Not

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J. A. Konrath has a word of caution for folks hoping to make the kind of money he's hauling via Kindle: It doesn't work for everyone.

Konrath is making very good money off of his backlist, which he has formatted for the Kindle and offered for sale on Amazon. Here's his money graf:
I'm not out to crush anyone's dreams here. But writing a good book is hard to do, and not everyone can do it. There's a learning curve. We're all eager to get read. We all want to get published. But before you let the hard-to-please masses read your work, you really have to make sure it's good enough. Readers don't care about you, or your dreams, or how hard you worked on a book. They want to be entertained. Period. If they buy your book and don't like it, they'll let you and others know.
In other words, if you put it out there, the readers won't necessarily come. He makes a very good case for the gatekeeper system as it exists now.

(Via Lee Goldberg.)

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3/9/2010 2:26:15 PM
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