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Duct Tape Kitty

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Poor Abby. Along with the indignity of the Cone of Humiliation, she now has to suffer Duct Tape.

Or rather, her Cone gets the Handyman's Secret Weapon treatment. We discovered (yes, Chris, you were right!) that she'd figured out how to get to the spot on her belly through the holes meant for adjusting the size of the cone.

Here's Abby, and she is Not Amused!


If you look closely, you'll see we covered the holes with gauze before we added the Duct Tape, so she won't get her fur stuck.

Sigh, I know: The whole idea of a clear cone is so she could see out. However, the first thing she does when she gets the cone on is wriggle around until the holes get in front of her mouth. I suspect she'll figure it out eventually.

Midnight will probably take a look at Abby and think that her head is even more wrong, now. Either that, or Geek Kitty will snicker to herself over our clever use of Duct Tape.

Maybe we'll come up with something better over the next day or two. Knowing Abby, she'll figure a way to get the stuff off.

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