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Yes, we're in day 3 of the Icepocalypse. I see signs of improvement. The road in front of the house is in better shape, as are the sidewalks. The alley still looks like an ice rink. When I went to get the mail some of the ice in the yard crunched under my feet just a bit. That's an improvement. No rolling blackouts so far, but we've been told that they may happen.

Have some publishing links while I go attempt to keep my feet from turning into blocks of ice:

I kept warm for a few minutes by laughing like crazy over Chuck Wendig's post about why your self-published book may be bad. The language is SO not safe for work, and should also come with a beverage alert. Still, he manages to hit on some very good reasons why so many self-published books aren't going to make it, and why people do judge a book by its cover.

Scrivener's Error on Macmillan's "25% of net received" on ebooks. He does the math, and it doesn't look particularly good. (Scroll down for that part, but don't skip out on the rest. He's always interesting.)

From Library Journal: Amazon Continues Its Push into Publishing.

And for you self-publishers who use OpenOffice, a fascinating post from The Digital Reader on the similarities between ODT and Epub formats, plus links to some nifty stuff that I plan to check out as soon as I warm up.

Off to find some lunch, and perhaps bake up some bread before the next peak power usage period hits. Beats going to the store.

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2/3/2011 12:21:18 PM
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