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My ConDFW Schedule

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Here's where you can find me at ConDFW this weekend:

4pm, Surrey Room: Reading (with K. B. Bogen)
6pm, Canterbury:
A Professional's Guide to DIY: Audiobooks (with P.N. Elrod and Thomas W. Knowles)

2pm, Canterbury:
Travelling (sic) the World by Wood, Brass, and Steam: The Science of Steampunk
(with Beverly Hale, Mark Finn, Martha Wells, O. M. Grey, and Tracy S. Morris)

5pm, Canterbury:
Playwriting for Fun and Profit
(with David Gray, Tony Brownrigg, and Michael Finn and Sue Sinor)

1pm, Signing in front of Dealer's Room (with Kevin Hosey and Martha Wells).

Plus, I'll have some photography on display (and for sale!) in the Art Show.

Hope to see you there!

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2/14/2011 4:14:53 PM
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