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Congratulations to the RT Winners!

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Three of my friends were up for RT awards, and they all won!

P.N. Elrod, friend since college days, was named  Pioneer of Genre Fiction. Pat's "Vampire Files" series was one of the first to feature a "good guy" vampire.

Rachel Caine won a Career Achievement Award in Urban Fantasy. Rachel is the author of the wildly popular "Morganville Vampires" series among many, many books.

Carole Nelson Douglas won a Career Achievement award in Mystery. She's been writing* the adventures of feline detective Midnight Louie for a very long time and is also the author of the Irene Adler series. 

These awards are all richly deserved. I'm not just saying this because their my friends. Well, because I know them, I know they've worked hard for a very long time to reach this point in their careers, and I don't expect any of them are going to rest on their laurels. Though they'll each get a hardy handshake from me. 

Congratulations to everyone. You'll find a full list of winners here

*I am being forced at paw point to say that Carole is merely the vessel through which Midnight Louie tells his tales. And Manor resident Midnight (who takes her moniker from the series) insists that if literary agents would only represent cats, that this abomination would be corrected soonest. She and Abby send their feline felicitations to Louie.

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