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It's Friday. Have Two Cats!

Fresh when it gets here from Julie Barrett
Friday, May 20, 2011

We have some nasty weather moving in, but right now it's quite pleasant, if not muggy. I opened up the back door and let the cats have some fresh air and bird watching time.

Well, yes. Midnight is out of focus. This one's for the Midnight fans:

If you've been following my Twitter or Facebook postings, you'll know I've been under the weather today. Two things converged to make life hell. The first was the allergies. I'm trying a new approach which seems to be helping. However, another chronic condition flared up today, and leaving the house is just a little problematic. Apologies to those I said I would show up somewhere. I wasn't sure I could make the drive without (TMI).

My plan for the weekend is to mostly take it easy (hahahahaha!), though I'm way past due on a project. I'll probably spend some time on it. Chris is heading out to Knoxville on Monday for the Destination Imagination Global Finals. He's competing on two teams. Wish him luck. I think he's going to need it. ;-)

After sitting through my whining, you get another picture of two cats. And hey, the're looking toward the weekend, too! Hope yours is good.

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