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It's alive!

I thought I'd lost several plants in the heat last week. This jalepeno plant had totally shriveled up. Today it has new leaves. I chopped off most of the dead stems and we'll see how this progresses. Directly in the background are three of the aloe vera pups I replanted last week. They seem to be doing well. The larger transplants are taking a little longer to settle in, but I see signs that they'll be okay. The umbrella seems to be providing some much needed shade in the late afternoon to the point that the other jalepeno plant has several blossoms. We may have some peppers soon!

I expect that I've lost the habenero plant and the rosemary. Oh, well. 

I did have a small harvest today:

Today's Harvest

Basil, chives, and catnip. The last harvest of basil and catnip had fully dried, and the basil is ready to use in cooking and the catnip is ... well ...

Dried catnip - honest!

We refresh various toys from this baggie. Hey, 100% organic!

(Because someone will ask: It really is catnip. We don't smoke. Or ingest. I have an asthma attack when I'm around smoke, so no go.)

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7/21/2011 2:13:09 PM
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