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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Perhaps you've noticed the part of the country where I live is experiencing excessive heat. The temp on my front porch (in the shade) is 106F. The Weather Underground station a few blocks away is 112F. On top of that, the ozone level is over 100ppm (so why do I still find it slightly amusing that I get an orange alert in my inbox?), so I've been taking it easy.

How are we keeping cool? Not very well, honestly. Lots of fans, for starters. And I picked up yet one more pair of room darkening curtains yesterday.

Oh, and we had plumbing issues! On top of everything else, the water faucet in the kitchen broke. So we took off to buy a new one. It looks good, but am disappointed with the quality. 

Oh, and the city just issued stage 2 watering restrictions. Fortunately for us, we're already watering according to that plan. Part of the problem is the drought, and part of it is that zebra mussels have been found in Lake Texoma. That lake is no longer supplying water to that region until they can get the problem under control. That puts more strain on the other lakes. 

I'm off to take a breathing treatment. I have another topic lined up for tomorrow. I just need to cool my fried brain down enough to write it!

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