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No Jury Duty! Have Another Hat!

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Well, my jury duty status came up as "dismissed" this evening. As I mentioned in a previous post today, this beats getting up early, driving to the county seat, finding a parking place, going through the metal detector, and waiting to find out whether or not I'm needed. Very cool.

So I trimmed one last hat:


Pardon the quality. I just set this up in the utility room and snapped it with the phone camera. This is a small hat I found at a thrift store last spring. It's small enough to wear forward on the face, sort of like a fascinator. I pulled the veiling that was covering the crown. However, if I find more veiling (I found white today, but no other colors) I'll probably put more up there. I like the look and I can't get the pattern out of the velvet. My steam cleaner helps. Hmm. I wonder about that new suede tool I bought last week...

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