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It's Friday. Have (An Archived) Cat.

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Friday, September 9, 2011

It's been a busy week, folks, and you may not see much of me until close to the end of the month. I'd talk about it, but I'm very exhausted from it all.

So have a cat from the archives:


This was taken just about two years go. Note the Spreadsheet of Doom (TM) behind the cat. I put together another this week, which may give some a clue as to how I spent the week. And I used the same laptop in the picture just today. Hey, it's sitting on the desk next to me, open, Yep, so busy I need to have two computers going.

Oh, and look at the skin on the back. Final episode of that tonight.

Hope I'm not away for the rest of the month, but if I am, I'll be back.

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