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Good Slave, Bad Slave: A Cat Update

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Monday, October 24, 2011

I, of course, am the Bad Slave. She who "tortures" Abby and places her in the Cone of Abject Humiliation.

(Abby a few minutes ago, just after a cleaning and treatment for her hot spot.)

Paul is the Good Slave. He is the Giver of Treats and Dispenser of Kind Words after the Torture Session. 

I guess it just works out that way. I'm the one who works from home, and Paul has been battling a cold for the past week. The last thing he's needed to do is handle the hot spot treatments. 

So yes, Abby continues to improve. I was most pleased to see the progress on her spot today. The skin is finally mostly healed and pink and the fur is starting to come back in. Optimistically, she could be free of the cone in a week. 

And because we like you, here's a bonus shot of Midnight:

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