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Quick! Before I Mess It Up!

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Monday, November 7, 2011

One minor accomplishment is deserves another!


Why, look! A clean sewing table! What you can't see is all the nifty black-and-white shelves and boxes hiding behind the sewing machine. I covered a couple of boards with some shelving paper and used mason jars filled with buttons and other objects as spacers. I've also covered a shoebox that I use to hold some of my millinery supplies with the same paper. All of my rulers are hanging on the wall. And you can see the new motto.

Total cost for the new look was under $15, which covered the roll of shelf liner (plenty left over) and some hooks I got with a 40% off coupon. Bwah. The bulletin board is made from a stiff piece of cardboard covered in quilt batting, then fabric and ribbon I had on hand.

Forgive the creepy wig stand I'm afraid Honoria Glossop (my dress form) has lost her head again. I'm on the verge of buying a canvas covered wig stand in my head size, as soon as I get the time.

So what happened to the mess? (You know there was one, even without a "before" shot.) Good question. A bunch of things got put away. Some are in a box to share with other crafter/sewer types, and will go to charity of not taken. I also made a spot in the utility room for grocery bags. That table is in one end of the dining area, and has kind of become a dumping ground for stuff as it's just inside the door and on the way to the kitchen. The pile of reusable shopping bags was getting out of control. Now they're on a large hook in the utility room. I have a small pile of sewing projects in progress that are in a box in the living room, and that box will reside on the sewing table. See? I said I was gonna mess things up! Well, a box of sewing projects in one place is better than having them strewn everywhere, right?

Pardon me while I just go and admire the clean space. 

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