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Insomnia Battles

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

(Non-insomnia stuff below, if you want to skip ahead a bit.)

I'm not going to reverse months of age-related insomnia in a night. That would be foolish to believe. I started back on a menopausal supplement last night. Read for a while, then dropped off. I sat the tablet aside, snuggled down in the covers, and began to feel the after-effects of dinner. (Note to self: Add lactose intolerance pills to the grocery list.) It didn't take me long to get back to sleep. I was out before 2:00, a triumph for a night without a sleeping aid.

I woke up at 4:15 with the certain knowledge that the trash had not been hauled to the curb. Spent the next ten minutes waffling over whether to get out of bed and haul the stuff out myself or leave a note. In either case, it would mean one of us would have to go out in the freezing cold. Just as I decided to spare Paul the experience of rushing the bin out to the collection point as the truck rumbled down the street, I realized that trash pickup is tomorrow due to the holiday. 

Took me two hours to get back to sleep, and then the alarm didn't go off. Apparently I fumbled around last night and hit the wrong button on the clock radio. Sigh.

Must get down to work today. The holiday was fun, but deadlines beckon. Oh, and the stuff I wasn't ready to blog about last night? I've been helping plan another this year's Instacon, a convention for conrunners. I'd been asked several months ago to do a presentation, and then ended up helping with putting their programming together. As the name implies, Instacon's programming is put together late in the game. It's a small convention (maybe 40 people) and doesn't have much programming. We used a pen and paper to lay out the first version of the grid. That's how small it is. 

The other thing? Oh, I just used some Google-fu to catch someone in a lie. It was a small thing in the grand scheme of all things, but really, copypasta from a fake news generator doesn't help your cause. And it's the sort of thing that really irks me to no end because if your cause is true, you don't sabotage yourself with crap like that.

Down to work!

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