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I'm coming up for a little air (oh, the joy of SQL) to clear out a few browser tabs:

First, some fun. Via Tellyspotting, a preview of a new Britcom called "The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff." The preview is a sort of Dickens meets modern management speak, and is darned hilarious:

For the font geeks, Cats As Fonts

And a couple of publishing-related links. First from author Michelle Lee, Dirty Publishing, a look at author PR tactics that don't work.

Charlie Stross on the many faces of publishing. This is a really good read. This bit stood out:

No one wants to hear there is no secret, it's luck, it's writing something people respond to, it's effort and time and work. SO BORING.
It's not the method of getting published, whether you're with a large or small press or you do it yourself. Good writing will always win out. 

One caveat I will add to that. It's possible to get stuck with a sleazy vanity press or a small publisher that either doesn't know what they're doing or goes under because of intrusions from their personal lives. In either situation, do what you can to get your rights reverted and try again, even if you do publish yourself. If the writing is good, people will take notice.

Now I must return to the land of SQL and web programming. I'd rather be doing something creative today (the sewing machine beckons, and I have a notepad going with ideas on the WIP), but I have to honor a commitment, and so it I shall. 

I'll try to post again this week. 

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2/28/2012 10:46:54 AM
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