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Round Robin Photo Challenge: Flowers for Steven

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This week's Round Robin Photo Challenge is Flowers for Steven

Steven was a prolific photoblogger. He was also human companion to a cat named Pickle. Steven ran the Feline Friday meme for a long time and he also helped with the Round Robin Challenge. A couple of weeks ago the Robins shared news of his passing and suggested posting flowers.

My cunning plan was to shoot spring blossoms this week, but our two weeks of spring abruptly ended earlier in the week. I managed a few shots here in the yard:


Petunias on the patio.


Honeysuckle in the front yard.


And this is the Smoke Tree, native to Texas. The blooms are getting a bit long in the stamen (you can see the seed packages - all those dark dots), but the wind kicked up just as I pressed the shutter. Check out the motion at the top and bottom of the frame. Kind of looks like smoke, doesn't it?

We miss you, Steven. I hope you and Pickle are together.

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5/5/2012 3:00:06 AM
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