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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I'll be at SoonerCon in Oklahoma City this weekend. It'll be a busy convention:


2 PM Plaza N 
Fictional Physics of Time Travel 

3 PM Red Carpet 
What IS Steampunk??? 

4 PM Red Carpet 
It’s Not The Society for Victorian Accuracy

5 PM Great Plains 
The Business of Books 


9:00 Con Suite 
Kaffee Klatch 

10:00 Great Plains 
What’s New In Alternate History

2 PM Red Carpet 
Authentic Costuming On A Budget 

3:00 PM Con Suite Radio Show Rehearsal 
(The show is called Downton Time Warp. We will have lots of parts. Come join us!

7:00PM Costume Contest (Schedule says Radio show at 8, but the show is during the judging break.) 


11:00 Red Carpet 
Steampunk Costuming for the Absolute Beginner

12:00 Plaza S Good Show Old Chap: BBC and the British Invasion 2.0 

2:00 Plaza N 
Dis-integration of the Super Hero: Is Living a Double life the “Grown Up Thing To Do”? 

I'll also have a panel and a table at the art show. One word: Deerstalkers.

If you read here or on Facebook and will be at SoonerCon, please say hi.

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