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Vintage Hats And Shoes!

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My cousin sent me some hats and shoes that belonged to her mother. This was so kind of her to do, and these are lovely pieces.

First, hats!


The blue hat and shoes were part of her "going away" outfit on her wedding day in , and the other hat dates to that era, too. 


This is both hats from the back. I love the feather detail on the blue hat and the trim on the pink one is leather.


Both hats from the front. Lots of flowers and one lovely feather on the pin hat. I like the crease blocked into the blue hat.

The hats both came in this box:


The Peyton-Marcus building in downtown Oklahoma City is long gone. But oh, isn't the box lovely?


Here are the shoes. The box is Honeybugs, but the label seems to say Town & Country.

Thank you again, Denise. These are lovely.

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8/9/2012 2:15:21 PM
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