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Monday Mumblings Updates Schedules And Has A New Mug

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First, the schedule updates.

I'm going to ChiCon! I won't be on panels, but I will be working the Hugo Awards Ceremony. I'm told I'll be part of the on stage crew, so if you're not there, watch the live stream. I also plan to attend the SFWA business meeting Saturday at 9:00 AM and help with the LoneStarCon3 and FenCon parties on Friday night. It'll be a busy weekend. If you want to try to catch up with me, ping me on twitter @JulieB.

FenCon will take place Sepbember 21-23. I'm not the chair this year, but I'm still helping run the event. The Generic Radio Workshop will be doing a show again, and we'll host a party Friday night. Also, Steam Cat will be in the art show.

Octopodicon is October 5-6. I'll be a Visiting Professor, and Steam Cat will be in the art show. 

Then there's Fan Days October 19-21. I'll be sharing vendor space with Mystik Merchant, she of the cloaks and robes. Drop by!

And in the midst of all that I'm probably having cataract surgery. I'll be seeing a surgeon next week. Hey, it's gonna be a fun fall!

Oh, and I have a new sorta Steampunk-inspired head shot: 


With everything going on in the next week I probably won't be here, but check the social media links. I'll be on Facebook and Twitter, I'm sure.

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8/27/2012 10:30:28 AM
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