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Back From Chicago, And Boy, Are My Arms Tired!

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Wow, this has been a whirlwind week for me. You can check my Twitter or Facebook page for some pictures, and I hope to have the time to sit down and get all of my pictures (or at least the good ones) up on Flickr this weekend, plus write a longer convention report.

If you watched the truncated Hugo stream, that was me escorting the award for Best Fan Writer. 

And speaking of the truncated stream... As far as I could tell, the Chicon committee did everything right. 

Flew home Monday and immediately (okay, after a Tex-Mex dinner) retreated to the Black Hole (the desk) to finish an anthology submission. I just barely made the deadline.

Then on Tuesday the AC went out. In 100 degree heat. They sent a tech out fairly quickly (and he's a Doctor Who fan!), and he determined that about $1,000 worth of parts were at fault, but also that the warranty was still in effect, so we're only going to be out a little under $100. They have to return to install another part, but the tech did patch things up so we could have cool air again. Yay. It was no fun fighting a deadline in a 95-degree house.

In about 90 minutes I'm off to the cataract specialist. There may be surgery, there may just be another round of vision correction. We'll see. But yeah, the eyestrain was another roadblock on the way to finishing this story. 

After I recover from the exam (I expect at least the one eye will have to be dilated), I have work for a couple of clients. Then back to FenCon and more sewing. I expect to be swamped right through the end of October. 

More later. Will probably tweet after the exam.

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9/6/2012 8:34:19 AM
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