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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Here's what I'll be doing at OctopodiCon this weekend: 

Friday, 3:00, Rudolf Diesel: Steampunk Clothing Construction 
Steampunk clothing often involves leather and metal bits, ornamental widgets, and paint. Learn tips and suggestions on how to support the things added to your clothing to make it steampunk, whether your base is Victorian, Asian, Western, or even modern. (With Kathleen O’Brien, Jennifer Cinocco, Deb Liptak )

Friday, 5:00, Laboratorim: Melodramatic Acting
How to act for radio shows, silent movies, and YouTube videos - over-the-top acting. (With Eric Burton)

Friday, 6:00, Scriptorium: Reading and signing

Saturday, 1:00, Lumiere: Corsets and Goggles
Women in steampunk – what the feminine touch has done and is doing to steampunk. (With Belinda Beatrice Pinhiero, KE Kimbriel, Deb Liptak, Allison DeBlasio )

Sunday, 9:00, Lumiere: Steampunk on a Budget
Not everyone has a fortune to spend on steampunk, so how can you be utterly awesome on a Ramen budget? (With Debra Campbell, Jennifer Cinocco, Victoria L’Ecuyer, Sue Long )

Sunday, 11:00, Scriptorium: Required Steampunk Reading 
Come explore the books you’d love to read and since EDGE Books is right there – you have a chance to buy them right then! (With Leanna Renee Hieber, Pauline Jones, KE Kimbriel, Victorian L’Ecuyer, Allison DeBlasio)

I will also have items in the Art Show.

Check out the entire list of panels and descriptions on their site. 

Now, I have to get busy!

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