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Okay, I'll admit it: I'll never have one of those lovely, minimalist desks with acres of space and nearly empty walls. That's not the way I work. 

I've moved the keyboard back to the underdesk drawer and put the tablet up by the monitor.And look at the shiny letter holder at the left. That's a Victorian-era thrift store find. The basket you see just a bit of us also a thrift store find from today. I have its smaller sibling off to the left of the computer. The one you see holds mobile gear - cases, styli, charging gear, and so on. The other is a catch-all and darned if it isn't full already. I'll need to go through it and see what I can keep and what I can toss and what can go elsewhere. But at least the stuff isn't cluttering up the surface of the desk.

I need to do some cable management behind the displays, but for now it's better than what I had.

Oh, you want the picture? Here.


Betting is now open on how long that surface will remain clean. ;-)

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11/1/2012 8:27:19 PM
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