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Monday, December 24, 2012

We finally did it: we broke down and replaced the family sedan. It was a 1996 model that we bought in 1999 from the dealer, and it had almost 165,000 miles on it, not to mention a leaky oil seal (or two) and some other issues that would cost us more than the car is worth to get fixed. 

So what did we get? A 2013 Ford C-Max, and we decided to put a bow on top:

2013 Ford C-Max

This is Ford's first hybrid-only car. We haven't purchased a first model year car in years, but this time we took a chance because the C-Max platform has been in Europe for quite some time, and the hybrid tech is what they've been using in the Fusion. And yes, we got the extended warranty, just to be safe.

It looks a bit like a cross between Ford's Focus and Edge, but it's a bit of both and a bit of neither. The interior (pics to come) is very roomy, even though the car has a smaller footprint than our previous sedan. I think that's due to a combination of the panoramic windshield and the high roofline. 

They call this a minivan in Europe. In the US it's a smallish crossover vehicle. 

2013 Ford C-Max

It's EPA rated at 47 MPG (and yes, we're aware of the Consumer Reports tests), but if it only gets a tad under 40 it'll be twice what we got in the guzzler. 

So how does it drive? Well, there's a steering wheel, and...wait! The ride is really nice, and with the variable transmission we can't tell when it's changing gears. Also, it switches between electric and gas mode seamlessly. 

The inside has plenty of electronics. And considering the age of the car we traded in, it's like going from the cockpit of a single engine plane to the deck of the Enterprise 1701-D. One of the displays even lights up the word "Engage" when I press the starter button. Make it so!

And yes, I said a starter button. The car has a keyless ignition, which is going to take a bit of getting used to.

One last picture for now:

2013 Ford C-Max

These pictures are all on Flickr, so you can click through for larger versions.

And if I'm not around tomorrow, I hope you (all three of my readers!) have a wonderful Christmas. And if you don't celebrate Christmas, enjoy the day anyway

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