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My SoonerCon Schedule

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Monday, June 24, 2013

SoonerCon is this weekend! I have a tentative schedule ready to share:

Friday 3 PM, B: Steam Power Didn't Last, But Will Steampunk?

Friday 5 PM, Joyner: How to Steam-Up Your Thrift Store Finds

Friday 8 PM, Joyner: Spats making demo*. This will be followed by open sewing at 9:00.

Saturday, 9 AM, 10 Forward: Koffee Klatch

Saturday, 10 AM, B Science in the Victorian Age

Saturday, 2 PM, Theater Radio Show Rehearsal (This is an open casting and rehearsal. Performance will be during the Masquerade.)

Saturday, 4 PM, C: What is a Citizen? Politics in Writing

Saturday, 7 PM, E/F Stage:  Masquerade Begins

Saturday, 7:45, E/F Stage: Radio Show (This is the judging break in the Masquerade)

Sunday, 11 AM, F: British Invasion: U.S. Television and the Union Jack

Sunday, 1 PM, B: Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunger: When Historic Figures Meet Sf/F Plots

Sunday, 2 PM, E: If I were a Super Hero

I'll also have art in the art show. Buy early, and buy often!

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