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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I'm going to be a busy lady this weekend. In addition to manning the Steam Cat table in the gallery, I'll be on several programming items:

4:00pm in The Gallery: The Really Mad Hatters
Yeah, I think I qualify for that one. We'll talk about the process of putting a hat together and building a buckram frame. 

11:00am in The Gallery: Tripping the Lights Fantastic
Tim Morgan and I will talk lighting for props and costumes. Bring your own items to show off. Got a problem with your project? We'll help you troubleshoot.

2-4pm in the Con Suite: FenCon tea! Come have a cuppa. Buy discounted memberships. See the Mad Hatter, I mean conchair!

5:00pm in Programming 4 (Jackson): Artemis Guys v Gals
It should be fun. Should I wear a red shirt? I'll be teamed up with Mel White, Linda Donahue, Rachael Acks, Kathy Turski, and Tex Thompson. We'll be up against Michael Ashleigh Finn, Mark Finn, Aaron de Orive, Stephen Patrick, Adrian Simmons, and Stephen Sanders.

6:00pm in Programming 2 (Madison): Choose your Destiny: Researching Alternate History
Pretty much what it says on the tin.
With Shanna Swendson (M), Jeremy Brett, Stina Leicht, and Jeff Dawson. 

Sunday! Sunday!
1:00pm in Programming 3 (Hamilton) Turning Stories into Screenplays
There's a little more to adapting a story for the screen (or audio) than sticking it on a board and driving a nail through it. My fellow compatriots and I will talk about it.
With SMarshall Ryan Marasca, David L. Gray, Mary Gearhart-Gray, Rachael Acks, and Aaron De Orive. I'll be moderating.

3:00pm in Main Programming (Jefferson) Intelligence is Overrated
We're not all as smart as Sherlock Holmes. So how do we get ourselves into that mindset and create all those cunning plans?
With: Seanan McGuire, Paul Black, Stina Leicht, Teresa Patterson. I'll be moderating. 

And don't forget to stop by the Steam Cat table and buy stuff. 

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