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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

So, here we are on lockdown day eleventy 47ish.

I'm getting good use out of my macro attachment. I should pull out my tripod, but it's so windy I don't think it's going to help a lot.

Anyway, here's a set of pictures.


This is the same jalapeno blossom I posted the other day. Nope, it didn't last very long, but that's okay, because that green stuff you see inside is the beginnings of a pepper. There are two peppers in progress on the plant, and I hope both of them grow to maturity.


And eeek! Another spider! I'm pretty sure this is another benign banana spider, but this one has set up shop on a web between a succulent plant on the patio table and a nearby chair.


Also, just in the last day or two, the succulent has sprouted a bloom! I'll keep an eye on it and post pictures. Some blooms last longer than others, so we'll see what we get on this one.

Okay, that's all for today. If you like what you see here on the journal I would really appreciate your support. Please consider buying me a cup of coffee.

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