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I've been meaning to revive the blog, and maybe it's time. The latest news of Elon Musk buying Twitter makes me want to consolidate back to my home turf. This isn't about Musk per se, mind you. I'm just more and more frustrated with all the crap going on with social media.

But what do you do? My Facebook and YouTube channels are how I connect with potential customers, and potential income. I've made some good friends via Twitter, so I guess I'm not ready to give it up. I am thinking more about keeping my opinion pieces and the like here, though.

And yeah, I signed up for counter.social today. Same username as Twitter, if you follow me. Will I stick around? I dunno. I left Twitter for a long time, and when they started to block more of the bots that made it a cesspool I returned. 

Here's the thing: I'm not against differing opinions. I am against bots spraying out opinions - different or not - in a firehouse in an attempt to influence public opinion. That's not authentic. I want to follow people because I find them interesting, and I don't need bots telling me what I need to think.

Feel free to disagree.

And yes, I do have a comment section, and it's currently turned off for retooling. It's not that I don't want comments, but when you post a comment you don't want to see an error message.

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4/25/2022 3:19:33 PM

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