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Saturday, June 24, 2023

Yes, Soonercon is approaching!

I'm very excited about this weekend, even if my table in the Art Show is going to be sparse this year. My laser burned down, fell over, and sank into the swamp. So, unless the few things I have all to go auction and sell for fabulous prices, I don't know what's next on that front. Well, the laser is still (barely) under warranty, and I have an email in to support. We shall see what happens. Even if I get it going again, I don't expect to have a full table this year. 


If you're there, do check out the Art Show. There are lots of cool artists there and plenty of goodies to buy! Artists (and writers) need all the support they can get right now.

However, on to the good stuff! Please forgive any typos. If I get your name wrong, let me know and I'll fix it. 

2:00 PM in Sooner A: Cosplaying On a Budget. My co-panelists are TattedSith Cosplay (M), Buck Berlin, MadiHatter, and Ryanga.

4:00 PM in Noble, LED Bowties. This is for kids, and it's free! Yes, bowties are cool, and they're even more cool when they light up! Bring a parent to assist in putting the project together. (Ages 8+)

7:00 PM in the hotel Courtyard, Literary Beers! This is both a networking opportunity, and the chance to that with guests outside of panels. There are 18 guests scheduled for this one. BYO beverage. No, you don't have to have a beer.

9:00 in the hotel Courtyard, Koffeeklatch. Like above, but with coffee! BYO beverage. I count 24 guests on the list, so there are plenty of opportunities to mingle and chat!

10:00 in Bedlam 2, Sewing Circuits. This is another workshop. Learn the basics of costume lighting while sewing your own circuit! Sign up in advance. There is a fee to cover materials.

3:00 PM in Sooner A, Doctor Who: 60th Anniversary. Wow, can you believe it's 60 years? I helped put on a con for the 50th anniversary, and it just doesn't seem like that long ago. Scheduled for the panel are some very cool (yes, like bow ties and fezzes) people: Tim Frayser, Rebecca Jackson, Allison Stein, and Mel White. I'll be moderating.

5:00 PM in Sooner A Radio Play Open Casting & Rehearsal. Yep, we're doing it again! Want to be a radio star? Or maybe you just want to learn more about audio production. Okay, maybe you just want to sit and heckle be amused at the process. Drop by! We'll be performing the play during the Costume Contest. (Sorry, if you're entered in the Costume Contest, you can't be in the play, but please heckle watch if you want!) So what are we doing? See the next item.

9:15 (ish) Doctor Science in Space! We'll be performing during the break in the Costume Contest.

Sunday! Sunday!
10:00 AM in Boomer B, You Want How Much for That Image? This is all about licensing images. I'm hoping it will be both from an end user and an artist perspective. My awesome fellow panelists are Pery Charlifu (M), Tim Chessmore, Elizabeth Leggett, and Scott Zrubek.

It should be a fun weekend! I hope to see you there!

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