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Yes, the desk is still clean, save for the newspaper I propped up to prove the date:

The desk is still clean!

The desk is still clean, pt. 2

Dear Muse: Send inspiration or the desk gets it.

What you can't see are some stickies (the horror!) behind the paper. Those stickes serve a noble purpose: They help me keep track of hours billed to clients. I'm a geek, but sometimes the simple solution is best. This method allows me to see my hours (and potential income) for the week (or month, depending on the client) at a glance. If I client calls and asks how much time I spent on a particular project, I can glance at the sticky and sound very smart indeed when I come back with a fast answer.

Here's a new book worth noting: Lynne Truss, author of Eats, Shoots & Leaves has a new book out. Talk to the Hand does for manners what Truss did for punctuation. This isn't your mother's Emily Post; Truss' book is part rant, part reality check. So far, a fun read.

Yes, I'm still deep into research, but darn it, I needed a break.

Just had an article pop up on my Google bar about AOL trying to build their subscriber base. We finally cancelled our subscription the other day; and listening to Paul talk to a series of customer so-called service reps reminded me of the Monty Python sketch where the caller to the fire brigade has to hand out all sorts of irrelevant personal information including her shoe size. Of course, they tried very hard to retain our business as the should have. But the rep lost all credibility when he tried to diss the AV software that our ISP provides for free. "Oh, it's just a stripped-down version. It won't really protect you like our software does. And they'll make you pay for it!" So far they haven't made us pay for it, and it works great. If they make us pay for it, we'll likely pony up because I'm sure they'll offer it at a discount. Besides, I'm using a fully-paid version on my desktop and functionally I can't see any difference. Dissing the competition is a time-honored tradition that hasn't died out.

Better do a picture post, then get off to bowling. Oh, I hope I can throw the ball!

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1/11/2006 6:20:00 AM
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