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Round Robin Photo Challenge

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Welcome to the Round Robin Photo Challenge! The theme is "Silly Pets."

Regular readers know all about our two cats, Abby and Midnight.

This picture of Midnight was taken the night she arrived at our house. This picture is elsewhere on our site, but it's such a funny picture that I just had to include it:


In the same vein, this is an outtake from our Catmas card photo session last December. We were trying to get them to look up at a toy and Abby went a little crazy:


Midnight is our Geek Kitty. In this picture she's imitating the monitor lizard as she looks at the screen:


And finally: Cats are contortionists. They end up in positions that seem as though they'd be quite painful to your or me. Abby proves it here:


Sometimes our cats deign to show their whiskers on our CatCam. You're invited to drop in anytime and take a peek.

To see the list of everyone participating in this challenge, click here.

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