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As I mentioned in the post below, last night was gorgeous: It was a clear, moonlit night so we decided to try a little night photography. Most of my moon pictures came out overexposed, and it was too cold to go back and shoot more. These are the best two out of over 50 photos. Click on the image to get a larger resolution:

Stars through the trees

The above was a timer shot - 4 seconds at f4.5. I was trying to get the trees and the stars. I'm not sure if I was successful. Well, I was in the sense that I learned something. That's always good. I made some minor adjustments on this one.

Next picture:

Moon through the trees

You'll probably have to look at a higher res shot to see some of the detail. This was a one second exposure at f4.5. I also manpiuplated this one quite a bit. I like the ghostly feel, but I was hoping to get the branch to stand out just a bit more. Oh, well. It's another learning experience.

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2/7/2006 8:35:00 AM
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