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Round Robin Photo Challenge

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This week's Round Robbin Photo Challenge is Laisser le Bon Temps Rouler or Let The Good Times Roll.

French Quarter

Okay, it's the obligatory French Quarter shot. This was taken on my one and only trip to New Orleans. More pictures from that trip are here.

We've made several trips down to Austin in the past few years. We have a favorite Irish restaurant down on Sixth Street. Since we have a kid under 21 we have to go early in the evening because most places in downtown Austin don't allow people under 21 after about 7:00 in the evening, even when accompanied by parents. I sat my little Casio on top of a stationary object, set the timer, and this is what I got:

Austin at night

How about some fireworks? This was July 3 of last year:


How about a little fireworks and football? Paul and Chris went to Texas Stadium to see the Cowboys Thanksgiving game in 2003. The halftime show was a patriotic spectacular, which I heard on the radio. They never air the halftime shows on TV anymore, save for the Super Bowl. Why was I home? Paul won a pair of tickets in a raffle at the office and a football game seemed like such a good father-son thing.


Besides, they lost. I was better off at home. ;-)

For a complete list of participants click the link to the left. (I'll probably be adding a list to this post later as well.)

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