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I let the cats post this one yesterday. Now it's my turn:

Abby, 2/16/06

After I took the peach blossom picture yesterday I found Abby on the perch in a somewhat playful mood, so I turned the camera on her. As is usual in these situations I end up with many blurry and/or backlit pictures. This one was actually interesting. After I cropped the picture I lowered the saturation on each color channel except green. The degree of desaturation varied; I was trying to go for something warm but not quite B&W. Then I popped up the green just a bit to emphasize the eyes.

I have two regrets. First I managed to cut her ear off when I shot the picture. Second, it's just a bit out of focus. I've got to get a lens that's better for close-up work. Of coure, soft focus is good for portraits, but this is a bit too soft, IMO. Still, I liked the composition and lighting enough that I'm going to give this another try sometime.

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2/17/2006 7:38:00 AM
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