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Yesterday I dragged most of the houseplants from the garage to the patio. The garage, you say? Yep. It faces south and the door has a set of three windows. There's no room for cars anyway, but I do have room to place the plants not far from the windows. Since the dryer vents into the garage, the place gets a little wamrth. In addition the mild winter has been good for the plants.

Case in point, the aloe vera. This is Chris' plant. It's grown from a little 8" tall sprout purchased at Home Depot to a giant thing in a 16" pot. I keep expecting it to say "feed me!" at any time. For all I know it eats squirrels.

We call this the Amazing Reproducing Aloe Vera Plant (TM) because the thing propagates like crazy. I've never, ever had a plant that has grown to be this healthy. In fact, I've killed a good many aloe plants in my lifetime, so I don't know what makes this one different. Maybe it's the squirrel blood. ;-)

But you want to see the picture, already! When we were moving the plants I discovered this:

Aloe vera bloom

We had a bloom last year, but a late cold snap did it in. I've decided to keep the plant in the garage for a couple more weeks and see if that helps out the bloom. It should grow nice and tall - if I take care of it and sacrifice enough squirrels.

Just joking. I sacrifice goats. ;-)

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3/6/2006 7:41:00 AM
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