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Karen and Lisa got it right: It's Thorpebank Road, which was used in a lot of Monty Python sketches. The road is in London not far from the BBC. You'll recognize it from the following:


Dinsdale! You'll notice that my picture was taken from the other end of the block.


The above is now a residence, but it used to be a store. This is where the Minstry of Silly Walks started. It was also used as a tobacconists in the Hungarian Phrase Book sketch. It was used as a store front several times, in fact.

Here are a couple more:


The black door is 94, the home of the Gas Cooker Sketch.


The white door is number 48, where they shot the sketch in which the woman invited the milkman upstairs. When we were there in 2001 it was evident that some of the homes could use a paint job, but there was also restoration activity going on as evidenced by the former corner store.

So there you go - something completely different!

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3/10/2006 6:42:00 AM
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