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Every time we go to Austin I attempt to get a shot of the capitol building at night. And every time I fail miserably. Last year's shot wasn't too bad: I was able to rest the camera on something solid but the color balance was way out of whack and I could never get it adjusted to my satisfaction. This time for sure! I took the Olympus E-300 and a device Larry got me for Christmas called The Pod. If you have a camera, check it out. The Pod is basically a beanbag with a bolt that fits in the tripod mount of a camera. This means you can stabalize your camera in places that you can't use a tripod. For some of my Austin shots I was able to rest the camera between a pair of parking meters. So thanks, Larry.

But you want to see the picture:

Texas State Captiol at night

I just did a little cropping and minimal correction on this shot. I would have liked to get a head-on angle, but that would have meant standing in the middle of Congress street in SXSW traffic. I have my limits.

More pictures in the Manor Photo Gallery.

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3/13/2006 7:37:00 AM
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