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I'm still going absolutely bonkers, and will for about the next week and a half. Oh, well. It beats having nothing to do, I suppose.

Last night Paul and I went down to Half Price Books on the motorcycle. Now that was fun. I'm still amazed at the temperature differences you don't notice while driving - even with the windows down. Of course, I just enjoy having an excuse to grab Paul around the waist!

Other than that, I've spent the last two days on mostly fruitless errands. I had a line on a place where I might find some music, but they're in the throes of moving and most of their vinyl was boxed up. Drat. I did find a couple of interesting things for future podcasts, though. I still want to get a truckload of material together before I get started.

This morning was coffee. Just three of us, but we had some good conversation. Then it was off to find more music. That was a washout, but I did find an Xbox game that Paul and Chris wanted - on sale! Bought some reading glasses at the dollar spot at Target. Wow, I'm a big spender. I've still got laundry, grocery shopping, and filling the car with gas to go. That will happen in a bit. Oh, and I'm waiting on a large document to proof. What a fun day!

More meetings this weekend as well as a choir concert. I may just get to relax on Sunday. That would be nice.

Thanks for the feedback on the podcast, and enjoy your weekend!

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9/15/2006 2:24:58 PM
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