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My brain still hurts

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The sinus headache will not quit, so this will be short. I just took something and plan to hit the sack when it kicks in.

Adding to the headache was a trip to the Post Office to retrieve a package. Our local facility has a special door for package pickup. No waiting in the long line to get your box. Great idea in practice, but not in execution. I've watched people bang on the door in fruitless attempts to get a clerk to answer. Without fail it takes forever to pick up a package. Yes, it's a courtesy to the rest of the customers to shunt this long process off to another line, but what about the rest of us?

The last time I picked up a package they couldn't find it in spite of the fact that someone had left the note in my box - in the same building - just a couple of hours beforehand. Then they couldn't figure out why someone just didn't place the package in one of the lockers and leave the key in my box. Oh, well. They decided to make me sign for it even though it didn't require a signature.

Today there were two people ahead of me. One never stopped talking on his cell phone. Normally that type of thing irriates me, but it was fairly clear that both of these people had been there a long time and were expecting the clerk "shortly." Hah. I finally handed my notice over to the clerk and he closed the door and ambled off. Then he ambled back and asked for my ID, then closed the door and left again. He couldn't bring the package back with him and THEN ask for the ID. That would be too easy.

I don't know where he had to go. The part of the storeroom that I could see looked to be fairly bereft of packages. Given the length time he was gone I can only assume that my package was on a shelf somewhere near where the government stores the Ark of the Covenant.

All this for my convenience, I'm sure.

The drugs have not kicked in. I'm going to try and get a nap anyway.


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1/16/2008 2:02:29 PM
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