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What, now I'm psychic?

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The phone rang a little bit ago, and I saw Chris' name on the Caller ID.

"What term to I say?"


"On the insurance form."

"Term? I'm not looking at the form."

"They want to know what terms I'm attending at school."

He can't figure this out for himself? "Well, what terms are you attending?"

Yes, I'm supposed to be psychic and know not only what blanks are on the form to renew his academic discount on the car insurance, but know that's what he's talking about in the first place.

He just walked in. They shuffled him from one department to another and then told him the form would be ready in two or three days. Just to confirm that he's a student and have someone sign the form. Astounding. It's worth the trouble because it's a substantial discount.


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1/28/2008 12:28:29 PM
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