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While I did get some things accomplished today, most weren't the right things. Oh, they were things that needed to get done: Grocery shopping, laundry, cooking. Mundane shtuff all.

I tried to sit down to write today. Honestly I did. I got way into the next part of the publishing "rant" (I'm thinking "rant" may be too strong a word, particularly for the next bit) and realized it was all drivel after I typed the same word about six times before I got it right.

Man, what was going on?

I was running a fever. Whee!

Therefore, I sincerely apologize for any and all typos and wandering prose you may have seen in the journal today. ("Shtuff" was not a typo.)

Now I'm off to let the next round of meds kick in.


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3/24/2008 9:17:15 PM
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