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Odd How Some Days Have Themes

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Today's was Quantum Leap.

I started in on cleaning in the office and scanning documents today. I have a ton of papers that I'm going to scan in and then recycle. Emptied one box today, then opened another. Inside of that box was all of my files from the '94 QL convention. I was on the concom for that event, which was ... well, it was an interesting experience. The Northridge quake was exactly one month before the con. I had forgotten about much of the scrambling we had to do to reassure people that the event was still on. I'd also forgotten about the phone bill I racked up that month. Ouch.

Also in the box was a copy of the Quantum Leap A-Z manuscript. I also discovered that someone at Amazon is trying to sell a copy of the book for over $200.

After dinner we vegged out in front of the telly. The new series of Wire in the Blood started tonight. Tony Hill was in the Austin, Texas area (that's also on the edge of what's called Hill Country. Hmm). Obviously they were down there filming, and they used American actors, but man, the Texas sterotypes! Yep, we all drink tequila shots in the afternoon and people routinely get away with driving with open containers of booze. Prosecuting attorneys hang out in the Capitol Building all day long. We don't have no modern buildings down 'round these parts, neither. And guys who spend their days wrangling rattlesnakes do not have pristine soles on their boots!

We switched the channel away from BBCA (which followed Wire in the Blood with some sort of show about boobs) and landed on Showtime for Tracey Ullman's new show. And who should I see but Scott Bakula?

I told you there was a theme going on.

And speaking of Mr. Bakula, I do hope they bring him back to Boston Legal.

Off to put the sinuses to bed.


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4/6/2008 10:24:03 PM
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