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I have Firefox 3!

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Just downloaded it.

One change I was hoping was that it would be more compatible with a few ASP.Net widgets and the like. So far it seems to work with FreeTextBox. Much rejoicing as I prefer to use Firefox for blog postings since it has a spell check built in. Yeah, fewer typos!

Now I just need to catch up on a few things. Will be posting pictures later on today. I have several community challenge shots in the camera and just haven't had the chance to work with them.

I'm going to drop everything for an hour and at least get those going, because I also have what I hope are some halfway decent weather shots from today.

Yes, weather. We had a very nasty storm blow through today - complete with black wall cloud tinged with green. I got caught at the store, and while I was gone the power went out. We've been dark for three hours. Fortunately, the rain has kept the temperature about 20 degrees below the predicted high, so the house was fairly pleasant. Chris was the only one in Panic Mode today. He was working on a paper due today. He found a place where he could take his computer and work.

Phone call. Gotta go. Will post more later.

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6/17/2008 3:38:10 PM
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