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Fastening the Election Season Seat Belts

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Now we're through the second of what looks to be FIVE elections the first half of this year.

Five. Freaking five. Can't these entities get their acts together?

First, it was a special election for a vacant city council seat. One of the council members left (as required by city charter) to run for Texas House District 66. (As ugly as that race has turned, I'm starting to wonder if there's a third 6 hiding somewhere.) Three candidates filed for that seat and no one got 50% of the vote. That leaves a runoff on March 27. Early voting starts next Thursday.

The aforementioned District 666 race ended in a runoff between two candidates. I think there are a couple of other primary races that went to runoff. That election is April 15 with early voting kicking off on April 5.

But wait, there's more! We have three seats open on the school board. That election is scheduled for May 8 with early voting starting April 26. Hope we don't have a runoff on one of those seats.

This means a spring filled with robocalls and nastiness on blog comment threads. The fur continues to fly over at the Plano DMN blog. Those people look like a bunch of little kids screaming at each other on the playground. Two freaking months of this stuff. As if the last month hasn't been nasty enough.

The big news? The Tea Party candidates, for the most part, got nowhere.

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3/3/2010 9:05:47 AM
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