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Making of the Missy Costume Part 1: The Hat

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It all started as a joke. I'd volunteered to take on running the Prop Alley for this year's WhoFest, and Roybn (one of the chairs) said, "you can be the Prop MASTER!" After some thought I decided that no, I should be the Prop MISSY. And so a costume was born.

One thing I like about Missy is that she's "a certain age." Well, The Master isn't exactly young, but it's nice to see characters that aren't in the 20-30 age group. Missy is also sassy and outspoken. I like that. So I had to do Missy, even though I'm of oh, a "certain size."

(Image via IMDB.)

Missy is an evil Mary Poppins. Which I also like.

The first thing was the hat: 

(Image via BBC America)

I started with a hat from Amazon:

While the brim is correct, the crown is totally the wrong height. I cut the top off, removed some height from the brim, and sewed it back together. 


I ended up with this, which I steamed and reshaped.


This is a a collection of vintage and new flowers, cherries, and grapes. I ended up not using any of the grapes and added some more flowers.



This is the end result. I'd like to fabricate a better hat pin, but I was running out of time.

Next up: The dress.

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5/27/2017 10:22:17 AM
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